If you can't build out why not build up?  Utilising the roof offers you good a choice of spatial solution by making this into habitable rooms or a new set of bedrooms and bathroom. Attics have high potential for conversion and the freedom and flexibility of layout gives you the chance to create something surprising. The creation of liveable rooms out of the attic can free space below for other uses, create privacy, or even introduce new lifestyle possibilities, such as a bright office using Velux windows or a rooftop deck. It doesn't need to be the attic that is used, though. Maybe you have an unused box-room that could be converted to a second bathroom or shower room, or maybe an old laundry room could be integrated with your kitchen for dining space.  Whatever your ideas, JW Construction can build the conversion you always wanted.    




Maybe you've always had an aim of modifying your home, or maybe you've just bought a new place that needs a major makeover. Either way JW Construction can help you.  JW Construction can totally remodel your existing house or flat.  If conservation is an issue, We can preserve and treasure the original architectural features.  On the other hand you may be a lover of modern design and it is an opportunity to express yourself and integrate modern sustainable technology.  Whichever renovation approach you want to take, we can help to deliver the home lifestyle you seek and increase value to your home.




Your kitchen says something about you, but it also needs to be functional, elegant, comfortable and to your individual taste. Planning your kitchen well is very important.  JW Construction and our specialist kitchen designer will work with you to balance your requirements within the given space and come up with the best possible design. We will source the kitchen units, materials and fittings and organise our tradespeople – joiners, tilers, plumbers, electricians - to get everything organised and planned in sequence



Bathrooms/Toilets/Showers/Wet Rooms

Bathroom and shower-rooms must reflect your personal needs but must be also practical and well planned.  Once we understand your requirements and have agreed the plans, we know where to source the best possible fittings and materials from a broad range of suppliers.  Wet Rooms, Shower rooms and bathrooms are vulnerable areas for water penetration in high value residential properties, best building practice now calls for the construction of a water proof shield to prevent damp/water penetration. Various methods have been developed by the construction industry to prevent such occurrence. Most now rely on the use of jointed sections which do represent area of potential weakness. We at JW Construction specialise in fitting fibreglass tanking:  Our company now has a proven track record & we can handle any size of job large or small from tanking a single shower to fibre-glassing a  Flat roof.

Painting and Decoration

JW Construction provides the highest of standards from our trades and we tailor to your needs. We have an efficient and competitive team of painting and decorating specialists who offer the best quality services in both interior and exterior work. Our qualified and professional decorating staff will visit your premises, consult and advise you on your needs - price the work competitively and complete the job to the highest standards, whether you have a private or commercial building, no matter what the size, age or type of property JW Construction will transform your property to your complete satisfaction.


We are a building and refurbishment company who understand that changing any environment can be a stressful and complex undertaking but by working closely with you throughout the project we can identify your needs and minimise the stress wherever possible.  Our committed approach to quality and client satisfaction forms the foundation of the company ensuring that we meet or exceed client's expectations at all stages of the construction process.  We are able to offer our clients innovative solutions using our experience and technical know-how to bring design ideas to life while at the same time being a flexible working partner, able to adapt to your individual requirements, completing projects on time to uncompromising standards.

Tiling Services


Our superior tiling services are the best available. We install every type of tile efficiently, cheaply and quickly. It’s crucial to have the work done correctly by trained, experienced professionals – our tiling experts use up to date methods and equipment to carry out the work properly and at very competitive rates.  We can install any type of tile, including: Marble, Mosaic, Stone, Terracotta, Glass, Slate, Limestone, Granite and Stone.

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